Welcome to the official website of Withington Girls' School's ninth annual Model United Nations Conference, WiMUN!

It is our pleasure to invite delegates from your school to attend WiMUN IX, which promises to be a highly memorable event! As always, our conference is designed especially for new delegates who want their first MUN experience.

Issues 2017

All our briefing papers can be found here
All our skeleton resolutions are availible here

  • Security Council:

  • The Issue of Settlements in the West Bank
    The Situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Human Rights' Council:

  • The Issue of Sex Trafficking
    The Issue of Access to Education for Women
    The Issue of Human Rights Violations in the Yemen

  • Special Commission on Terrorism:

  • The Issue of Social Media in Combatting Terrorism
    The Issue of ISIS
    The Issue of Bio-Terrorism

  • Political:

  • The Issue of Conflicts and Challenges of Refugee Camps
    The Issue of Security in Turkey

  • Human Rights:

  • The Issue of Religious Freedom
    The Issue of Censorship

  • Disarmament:

  • The Issue of North Korea's Nuclear Weapons
    The Issue of Child Soldiers

  • Africa:

  • The Issue of Sustainable Urbanisation
    The Issue of Poaching

  • Sci-Tech and Media:

  • The Issue of Genetic Engineering
    The issue of Drones in Combating Poverty

  • Health:

  • The Issue of Tackling and Treating STIs and HIV/AIDS
    The Issue of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Ecology and Environment

  • The Issue of Genetically Modified Crops
    The Issue of Exploitation of Fragile Environments

    Time Table

    2nd July 2017


    9:00 – 9.30

    Refreshments available

    9:30 – 10.00

    Opening Ceremony

    10:05 – 11:20

    Lobbying & Issue 1

    11:20 -11: 40

    Tuck shop available

    11: 40 – 13:00

    Lobbying & Issue 2

    13:00 – 13:45


    13:50 - 14:00

    Committees reconvene

    14:05 – 14:50

    Joint Committees

    14:50 – 15:10


    15:10 - 3:40

    Joint Committees

    15:45 – 4:30

    Closing ceremony & Awards



    Wimun 2017 Chairs

    Security Council:                                                          Email
    Head Chair: Ayesha Choudry                                          choudrya@wgs.org
    Co-chair: Euan Chew-Graham                                                

    Special Commission
    Head Chair: Maaham Saleem                                          saleemm@wgs.org
    Co-chair: Sophia Arora                                                   aroras@wgs.org

    Human Rights Council:
    Head Chair: Emily Herbert                                              herberte@wgs.org
    Co-chair: Flo Goodrham                                                 flogoodrham@live.co.uk

    Human Rights:
    Head Chair: Hemma Jari                                                 jarih@wgs.org
    Co-chair: Patrick Mayne                                                  patrickmayne20@chschool.co.uk

    Head Chair: Charlotte Bream                                          breamc@wgs.org
    Co-chair: Jess Nield                                                        nieldj@wgs.org

    Head Chair: Mimi Johnson                                              johnsonm@wgs.org
    Co-chair: Rishi Sundar                                                    sundarr-y11@mgs.org

    Head Chair: Lorna Mayo                                                 mayol@wgs.org
    Co-chair: Ebrahim Jamshid                                             jamshide@shrewsbury.org.uk

    Head Chair: Hanya Irfan                                                 irfanh@wgs.org
    Co-chair: Zenab Haq                                                      haqz@wgs.org

    Head Chair: Lily Rouhi-Parkouhi                                      rouhi-parkouhil@wgs.org
    Co-chair: Anya Nanchahal                                               nanchahals@wgs.org

    Ecology & Environment:
    Head Chair: Chantelle Fard                                             fardc@wgs.org
    Co-chair: Rohan Kotecha                                                rohankotecha20@chschool.co.uk





    If you have questions concerning the conference or would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact the WiMUN committee on wimun@wgs.org

    Alternatively, you may wish to contact our MUN Director Ms J Maher at maherj@wgs.org


    Withington Girls' School,
    Wellington Road,
    M14 6BL
    Telephone: 0161 224 1077

    Travel Arrangements

    The main public transport method to arrive at Withington Girls' School is by bus. There is an extremely busy bus route just 2 minutes walk away that allows for easy access from a variety of places. The bus stops have been plotted on the Google Maps above but the main bus routes going through Wilmslow Road are:

    41/X41 Manchester - Northenden - Sale - Altrincham
    42 Manchester - East Didsbury - Stockport
    42A Manchester - Reddish
    43 Manchester - Airport
    44 Manchester - Gatley � Airport
    142 Manchester - East Didsbury
    143 Manchester - West Didsbury
    145 Cheadle Hulme - Manchester
    157/X57 Manchester - Woodford

    As well as this, the 22, 111 and 168 all run services which have stops just a few minutes' walk from the school.

    There is also coach space available at the school for parking for those who have large groups. Please email above to confirm a space.

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